List of stony meteorites stolen on 4th of October 2007 from the residence of Robert Verish:


Item # "Meteorite name" on label: Weight in grams:     Number of pieces in labeled bag:


1)       Field ID = "ECV 070527 A"           11.5              3

2)       Field ID = "ECV 070527 B"           9.3               4

3)       Field ID = "ECV 070527 C"          4.3               2

4)       Field ID = "ECV 070527 D"          8                  7

5)       Field ID = "ECV 070527 E"           3.1               1

6)       Field ID = "ECV 070527 F"           2.9               1

7)       Field ID = "ECV 070527 G"          20                1

8)       Field ID = "ECV 070527-1"           3.65              1

9)       Field ID = "ECV 070527-2"           13.2              1

10)     Field ID = "ECV 070527-3"           3.8               1

11)     Field ID = "ECV 070527-4"           6.1               1

12)     Field ID = "ECV 070527-5"           4.6               1

13)     Field ID = "ECV 070527-6"           8.9               4

14)     Field ID = "ECV 070527-7"           12.85            2

15)     Field ID = "ECV 070527-8"           5.1               1

16)     Field ID = "ECV 070527-9"           2.8               1

17)     Field ID = "ECV 070527-10"         4                  1

18)     Field ID = "ECV 070528-11"         4.9               1

19)     Field ID = "ECV 070528-12"         9.3               1


20)     Harper Dry Lake 031129              9.9               1

21)     Harper Dry Lake 031214              115.1            2

22)     Harper Dry Lake 070106A          121.4             2

23)     Harper Dry Lake 070106E             4.3              2

24)     Harper Dry Lake 070623A             1.2              2

25)     Harper Dry Lake 070623B           16.5              2

26)     Harper Dry Lake 070802A            15.25            2


Total weight: 422 grams


App. total monetary value:  over $2,109.00


Intrinsic scientific value:  irreplaceable - immeasureable

APB – Missing California & Nevada Chondrites

Dear Meteorite Collecting Community,

I have a situation very similar to the one described by Blaine Reed in his "APB" dated 12-06-2007 (see below).  
In fact, you'll find my explanation very similar to Blaine's description about his situation:

I have never had to do something like this before, and it pains me to have to start now.

I need your help. What is missing are 26 meteorite specimens that were originally found in California & Nevada. 
They are NOT my finds, but they were in my possession when they "went missing".  I am not going to explain 
the circumstances of how this came about right now (nor will I even in private – so please don’t ask). 
What I will say is that even before asking for this help, I have severely damaged several relationships, 
both personal and professional, probably permanently, regardless of what turns up from this search. 

I have what, to me, appears to be pretty strong evidence of what happened regarding the series of events 
that resulted in the disappearance of these specimens, but no actual proof yet. 
Without such proof, there will always remain DOUBT.  
That is why there is a REWARD.  
It is an effort to try and exhonerate the innocent.  
And that is why the reward is far in excess of the value of these meteorites. 

The results of this search may prove my worst fears are correct, or that I am completely wrong, or possibly
even nothing at all.  And even if it turns out that I am correct, it still means that I made some mistakes 
to allow this situation to occur.  Since I am human, I do make mistakes – plenty of them, but rarely of this 
magnitude.  What looks like strong evidence to me may appear as nothing to others, but if I am wrong, 
then I will owe some people an apology, a very BIG one. That, sadly, won’t fix the relationships I have 
damaged.   So, if it turns out that I was wrong about these people, I will make that public, just to make 
sure that there are no misguided rumors left floating around out there.

What I am asking is this - I'm asking if any of you have any info regarding ANY of these 26 chondrites, or 
if any of you have seen, or heard, or purchased any of these Harper Dry Lake or Nevada meteorites 
since October of 2007. 

If the information that is supplied to me results in the confirmation of the whereabouts of ANY, or all of the 
26 missing chondrites, you are eligible for the entire reward!

Please do not fear any problems from giving me any info, if you have any, because I will keep all information 
in strict confidence. Right now, I am just trying to find out if any of these items have turned up anywhere.
If it turns out that one of you did end up with any of the items that are missing, do not fear that you will 
loose it by telling me. I have no intentions of trying to get them back. You most likely purchased the items 
in good faith from someone (quite possibly a known dealer even) in the course of a normal business transaction, 
and such items obtained in this manner is the legal description of what constitutes "no possible wrong doing 
on the part of the buyer" – regardless of the situation of the item being sold. I will only ask for information 
(i.e. who purchased from, when, and for how much) for my records.  
The REWARD IS YOURS, regardless, as long as you are the first to contact me. 

I thank in advance any person that can be of any help in determining the whereabouts of these meteorites.

I can be reached at:

Robert Verish
P.O. Box 237
Sunland, CA  91041
(818) 599-5071

Bob V.